Employment Screening Services – Effective Pre-Employement Assessment Tools

Employment Screening Services

Finding the right candidate for a position within your company is important in maintaining the culture and environment that you wish to promote. With Aptitude Analytics, you benefit from an exceptional range of employment screening tools that provide comprehensive insight into the motivations, manner and goals of your potential candidates. Our employment screening services are designed to take the stress out of the hiring process by providing an objective, third party analysis that significantly reduces the risk of making a bad hire. Now, you can invest in your new staff with complete peace of mind.

Employment Assessment Tests

At Aptitude Analytics, we have developed an extensive range of psychometric employment assessment tests designed to determine the fitness of a candidate for the position within your business. Our benchmarks for each employment assessment test are developed from real world knowledge of how candidates thrive in specific environments, and provide an accurate assessment that you will use in your consideration. Your comprehensive report offers insight into all aspects of the candidates’ abilities, as well as their work ethic and the goals that they wish to achieve while working for you. Our services save you time in the hiring process.

Different Types of Pre-Employment Tests

Aptitude Analytics utilize a range of pre-employment tests to determine whether a candidate is suitable for consideration by your company. Personality tests combined with job-specific benchmark assessment tools as well as specialized tools such as the reliability register and learning and reasoning report generate job-specific metrics for a host of disciplines including IT, engineering and programming. With samples available, you can see for yourself exactly how your candidates will be assessed, so that you can invest in only the highest quality employees that will support your business in the long term.

Personality Tests for Employment

The DISC personality test is one of the most effective tools in the assessment of potential employees. Developed by renowned psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston, DISC predicts the way your chosen candidate will respond and behave to specific work related scenarios. Four traits are measured: Dominant, Influence, Steadiness and Compliant, and offer insight into how the candidate will face challenges and conflict and to what standards they will work towards. This proven tool manages and maintains your working culture to produce less friction and more productivity at all times and is an important part of your pre-screening assessment protocols.

About Aptitude Analytics

Spending time and resources in choosing a candidate for your advertised position is important, but so is investing in the right candidate. With Aptitude Analytics, you can easily identify those that will thrive in the position you offer. Learn more about our tools and services today by calling (732) 724-0480.