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Performance Management Programs & Candidate Screening Through Psychometric Pre-employment Assessments

Aptitude Analytics - Pre-Employment Assessments
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Aptitude Analytics - Pre-Employment Assessments
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Aptitude Analytics - Pre-Employment Assessments
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Aptitude Analytics - Pre-Employment Assessments
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Aptitude Analytics - Performance Management Programs & Candidate Screening - pre-employment assessments

Recruitment Redefined

We understand that screening resumes, interviewing, and training candidates who don’t live up to your expectations can waste precious time and resources for your organization. That is exactly where we come into the picture. We make the entire procedure of pre-employment assessments and screening candidates a lot simpler and efficient through our specialized pre-employment psychometric assessment tools.

Our coaching tools help companies select candidates with the highest potential to succeed and enable managers to coach their staff to higher levels of performance. We also help identify areas that your existing employees can target for improvement.

Understanding Assessment Tools

We incorporate tried and tested techniques like DISC Personality Profile and Prevue Assessment into our psychometric assessment tools to change the dynamic of organizational recruitment for the better. These aim to evaluate an individual’s approach to the job, attitudes, behavioral and motivational traits, and job-related competencies.

The particular individual’s traits are then compared against a customized benchmark of individuals who have proven to be successful in that position. Our pre-employment assessments and testing allows the employer, generally with a high degree of accuracy, to predict whether the individual being tested is a good fit for the position they are being considered.

Our pre-employment assessment tools have produced great results in the recruitment industry over the years, with clients reporting up to 30-50% reductions in bad hires and turnover.

Performance Management Programs and Candidate Screening
Aptitude Analytics - Myers Briggs vs DISC

Saving Your Time & Money

With our employee screening and pre-employment assessment tools, you can quickly and inexpensively:

  • Identify candidates with outstanding initiative and work-ethic
  • Screen out troublemakers and those who are unreliable
  • Find salespeople who know how to sell
  • Hire and train people who are worth the effort
  • Develop coaching programs for existing employees based on real insight into their strengths and weaknesses
  • Talk to a “real, live person” if you have a question

Organizational Development Consultants

Aptitude Analytics

Aptitude Analytics is an organizational development firm providing a wide range of recruitment solutions to companies across the United States for over three decades.

We specialize in performance management and provide a large selection of EEOC-compliant psychometric tests and pre-employment assessment tools to help company owners select the most deserving candidates with the highest potential to succeed in a particular job role.