Pre-Employment Aptitude Test

Pre-hire testing services play a key role in helping businesses find top-quality employees. Aptitude Analytics offers pre-employment assessment tests and performance development testing to evaluate candidates for over 200 different job roles. Our mission is to help you hire strong performers that are a good fit for the company culture.

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A DISC personality test allows us to understand a person’s behavior, temperament, and motivational propensities. It is the most widely used profiling tool of its kind and is supported by decades of validation and reliability studies. The results of the assessment are used to create a personalized DISC personality test, providing insight into a wide range of personality traits and motivating factors.

The Report consists of:

  • The candidate’s ideal environment and value to the organization
  • Work-style characteristics (approach to the job)
  • Guide to communicating with the candidate
  • Areas for improvement
Aptitude Analytics - Success Factor Analysis - Pre Employment Testing

Success Factor Analysis (SFA)

The Success Factor Analysis, or SFA, is a detailed and job-specific assessment and job benchmarking tool. It is available for over 85 sales, staff, management, and executive positions.

To assess a candidate, a manager may customize an activator for a specific position by choosing which traits he or she believes are the most important qualities for that job.

Job suitability is further determined by comparing a candidate’s psychological profile against a specific behavioral database for that position. The SFA report includes an executive summary for a manager, as well as a behavioral, pre-hire applicant testing, and motivational analysis intended for the candidate.

Aptitude Analytics - Prevue Assessment System

Learning & Reasoning Report

Our advanced pre-employment assessment tests are often used as part of the employee screening process for technical, IT, programmers, and engineers. It measures abstract thinking, cognitive reasoning, and the ability to solve problems, read charts and graphs as well as gauging spatial acuity.

This report may also be appended to the SFA and ALC assessments. It is included with the prevue pre-and post-hire assessment program.

Prevue Assessment System

The prevue assessment is our most comprehensive pre-hire testing option. It takes approximately 60 minutes to complete and is best suited for very specialized positions or industries. Also available is the Prevue SSQ report, which is designed for semi-skilled positions.