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Aptitude Analytics - Employment Screenings

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Your account is the first step towards your company’s future. Registering with us provides you with the pre-employment testing tools you need to make the informed personnel decisions. More specifically, our psychological testing and employee screening tools help you build a better business. If you are already a member, please login here.

Our powerful pre-employment testing provides you and your hiring staff with:

  • Free, unlimited job postings on multiple job boards
  • Applicants matched to your job-specific benchmark based on an employee screening
  • Analysis of basic and advanced sales strategies based on a psychological test
  • Training recommendations based on proven psychological testing

With our tools, employers generate a pipeline for future job needs. Through APS-Pro, they also have the ability to set applicants to complete a prevue pre-employment test. This type of employee screening process empowers your company’s workforce by giving you a leg up on hiring as well as ongoing training.