Sales Skills Assessment Test

Evaluate Inside Sales & Outside Sales Ability

Selling Skills Index

Assessments of sales skills are an important part of the hiring and recruitment process. A sales skill assessment test is a tool used to evaluate an individual's abilities and knowledge in the area of sales. It typically includes situational scenarios, and behavioral simulations, designed to assess a candidate's understanding of key sales concepts and their ability to apply that knowledge in real-world scenarios.

The (Strategic) Selling Skills Index (SSI) is an advanced sales psychometric assessment that is most often used as part of an applicant testing and screening process for sales or as the final step in the pre-hire process for salespeople or sales managers. This psychological test measures the ability an individual has to strategize for sales success in complex sales situations. The SSI assessment involves psychological testing of 64 selling situations. In each psychometric assessment situation, the candidate must choose the most effective sales strategy. His or her scores for each selling metric are compared to a standard recommended score based on the profile of a successful salesperson. In addition to applicant testing, the SSI may also be used to evaluate inside sales, outside sales, and sales management ability.

The report consists of:

  • Selling analysis and Training Guide for the Manager
  • Numerical and graphical analysis of skills in need of improvement
  • Sales competency (psychological test) overview
  • Analysis of Basic & Advanced Sales Strategies
  • Training recommendations per applicant test