Moving Past 2020

2020 has been an epically bad year. Even those who have experienced triumphs and joys in their own personal or professional lives have been doing so in the context of a deadly global pandemic and a year full of disturbing and distressing news events. As people’s work lives changed, so did their personal lives. Change is on the horizon. COVID-19 vaccines are arriving, and as more people get them, we can expect for the world to transition back to something that looks more like a pre-pandemic world. The problem is that many people are going to struggle with that transition. Here are some ways to help move past 2020 and into a brighter future.

Stress Management

Your employees are already dealing with stressors outside of their or your control, making it more important than ever to control workplace stressors. Take employee concerns seriously, address them as quickly as possible, work to resolve team disputes, and incorporate wellness programming that is linked to stress reduction into your workplace.


You would think that the move to a virtual working environment would have reduced employee engagement, but many companies are reporting that their workers feel more engaged and invested in their companies than ever. Keep that momentum going by working with employees on career goals, getting employee input about the company, and providing the training or coaching that employees need to take themselves to the next level.

Back to the Office

Until COVID-19 is no longer a problem, fully transitioning back to the office is going to be a challenge for some employees. Plus, after working in a virtual environment, which offers perks for many people, going back to the office may be difficult. Think about how to make the workplace more inviting for employees and also how to continue to incorporate remote-work options for employees.

Emotional Intelligence

2020 may be over, but your employees are still going to be feeling its impact. Ensuring that you are there to help them at this time is critical. That may mean coaching on how to recognize and help with workplace stressors, introducing more flexibility to your workplace, or embracing workplace wellness programs designed to help employees navigate the transition back to the workplace.

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