How Employment Screenings Can Increase Engagement

You have heard over and over how employment screenings can help you find the right employees. But do you know that employment screening tools can help you figure out how to motivate the employees that you have? When used properly, employee analytic tools and employment screenings can help you determine the best way to engage your workforce.

What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement refers to how committed an employee is to their tasks. It is different than job commitment and is more about job motivation. Disengaged employees may report feeling unfocused, unfulfilled, or unmotivated. Engaged employees are focused on their jobs and motivated to perform. 

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

Engagement is important because it impacts productivity. It is important for other reasons as well. Disengaged employees cost companies money; they can translate to business losses that are around 1/3rd of the impacted employee’s salary. Disengaged employees can also impact company morale. That means the problem is contagious, especially if leadership feels disengaged.

Improving Engagement

There are several easy steps companies can take to help employees feel more engaged with their work. Build better teams. Improve communication. Create transparency. Add accountability. Increase productivity. Assessment tools can help you accomplish all of those goals.

Team Building

A workplace is not just the sum of the individuals in the workplace. Instead, a strong workplace is built on strong teams. Choosing which people should work together and giving them the tools to know how to work with each other are two ways to build great teams. Aptitude testing helps you meet both of those goals.


You may have heard that communication is key. Actually, communication is a lock. Communication style is the key that opens that lock. Employee aptitude tests are how you get the keys to unlock the communication potential in your employees.

Create Transparency

In many organizations, there is a separation between human resources (HR) and the rest of the workforce. Employees think that HR works in mysterious ways. That means that employees may not understand what they can do to improve work performance and meet company goals. The lack of clear objectives is a huge driver in employee disconnect.

By using aptitude testing to help assess, develop, and coach employees at all levels, your company introduces transparency to the process. 

Add Accountability

Assessment help find employee weaknesses. That is not a bad thing. Once you have identified employee weaknesses and trained or coached employees to work with those weaknesses, then you can increase accountability for employees who fail to behave appropriately. This is surprisingly relevant for management.

Increase Productivity

One of the best things about assessments it that they reveal hidden strengths. You may have talent on your team that you would never recognize without an assessment because the person is in the wrong position. Assessments not only help you choose the right employees for your workforce, but also make sure they are in the correct positions.

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