Prevue Assessment System

The Test Consists of Three Sections:

  • The general abilities section assesses the candidate’s ability to work with numbers (numerical reasoning), words (language skills), and shapes (spatial reasoning)
  • The interest inventory section, which assesses a candidate’s interest in terms of their preference for working with data, people, or things, helps with screening and employee retention
  • Total personality inventory, which assesses the candidate’s personality based on 13 trait scales.
  • The hallmark of the prevue suite is the benchmark – candidate’s scores are measured against employee screening benchmarks created for each position by the employer, ensuring the best possible cognitive fit between position and applicant

The Report Consists of:

  • Job suitability ranking and behavioral analysis
  • Benchmark suitability
  • Interview Guide
  • Total Person Description
  • Working Characteristics Summary

A customized On-Boarding and Orientation report is available to the manager to assist in the hiring transition.