Applicant Screening

Applicant Screening & Personality Assessment Tests

HR Professionals and Recruiters are facing increased pressure to hire highly qualified individuals.

APS Pro Saves processing, employee screening, and interview time. Today, there is a larger pool of job seekers than any time in our history. A new job posting can produce hundreds and thousands of applications. Just reviewing all applications has become a daunting task. Traditional resume based screening techniques are time consuming, impractical, and highly subjective. Processing and employee screening is often slow, causing the most qualified applicants to respond to more timely offers.

At last, through reliable pre-employment testing, you have discovered freedom from resume based hiring. The APS Program handles the preliminary screening, pre-employment testing, and interviewing as well as job suitability testing for you, all through a personality assessment! Select top candidates from an easy-to read report. Focus effort on just those who deserve your attention. Best of all, our APS program is simple and easy to use. We will even handle the setup for you, including a direct link from your website or a job board page that matches your company’s branding.


  • Branded Webpage or job board.
  • Unlimited job listings.
  • Create a pipeline for future job needs!
  • Reports delivered to a central HR office or regional offices.
  • Free job postings on multiple job boards.
  • Applicant friendly.
  • Applicant can upload resume or fill out your application.
  • Applicant must respond to your custom interview (pre-employment testing) questions.
  • Applicant can be set to complete the prevue pre-hire, psychometric assessment.
  • Applicant’s psychometric assessment results match them to your job specific benchmark.
  • Select the most qualified applicants from an easy-to-read, employee screening report.
  • Focus your effort on just the most qualified candidates.
  • System will even send rejection letters for you